LEAP Transparency has taken an important step in the commune of Ndiob (Fatick) towards obtaining better information on the progress and needs of electrification in the commune. 

With the support of the German International Cooperation (GIZ), LEAP is developing an impact measurement tool that serves as a primary source of qualitative and quantitative data on the needs and progress of local electrification, systematically capturing and publishing electricity-related information and data from grassroots communities. 

The aim of this information-gathering process is to obtain information to assess the electrification of the municipality and to determine the population’s energy needs for domestic or productive use.

The tool will also enable LEAP to become an information and communication hub, establishing a regular and transparent flow of information and data between all parties, facilitating informed decision-making and conflict resolution, leading to transparency and relationships based on trust.

With this in mind, the local LEAP local multi-stakeholder group (MSG) in the commune of Ndiob held its sixth meeting on 18 September 2023, the main aim of which was to share the data collection strategy, the data collection tool and the planning of data collection activities.

The work of the local LEAP MSG, made up of the local government, the operator and civil society, young people, women and cooperatives, enabled the data collection strategy to be adopted, subject to specifying the targets for data collection and the level of intervention (zones, villages, hamlets, etc.).

The local LEAP MSG has mandated a sub-group to review the collection tool and propose a comprehensive plan for collection activities, including a budget.

Access to electricity is a key issue for the Senegal and the AFrican contient, particularly in terms of helping to achieve SDG 7 to “Ensure access to reliable, sustainable and modern energy services at affordable cost”.

This vision is embodied in the Plan Sénégal Émergent, which aims to provide all citizens with access to reliable, high-quality electricity at an affordable price by 2025. It is against this backdrop, and to promote a participatory dialogue between stakeholders in the energy sector, that the Local Access to Electricity Programme – LEAP Transparency is being implemented in Senegal with the establishment of MSGs at the national and local levels.

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